Bunion & Hammertoe Surgery

Bunions are changes in the great toe joint that happen over time due to way you walk and sometimes is genetic.  Conservative measures include wearing wider shoe and using bunion pads.  Hammertoes are contracture deformities of toes that can become rigid over time and make it difficult and painful to fit in shoes.  Dr. Bright Chen at our Foot & Ankle Center will evaluate and come up with the best treatment plan for you based on your lifestyle.

Sometimes surgery may be required to fix the deformitiesor to reduce pain.  Dr. Chen is highly experienced in bunion and hammertoe surgery and has performed hundreds of forefoot reconstruction procedures.  Depending on your condition and preference, absorbable sutures may be used so no suture removal is required and a better cosmetic result can be achieved.  Depending on severity of the deformities many times patients can walk immediately in a special shoe and after short recovery time resume normal activities.  

Bunionectomy Procedure, before and after immediate post-op with absorbable cosmetic suture. Performed June 2016 by Dr. Bright Chen, Foot & Ankle Specialist, Houston, TX.

Before & After, Immediate Post-Op.  Bunion and Second Digit Hammertoe Correction with Ankle Slimming Procedure.  Performed Nov 2016 by Dr. Bright Chen, Foot & Ankle Specialist, Houston, TX.

Example Bunion Surgery Before & Immediate Post-Op.  Individual results may vary.

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